Maggie Malick  Wine Caves                               Near Harpers Ferry!

2017 Canine Capers! 

We have three events for dog lovers coming this year. Chesapeake DockDogs, the local chapter of the premier canine aquatics competition, built a regulation 40-foot dock for jumping competitions.     

  • Dock Dogs National Wild Card event is June 30, July 1-2
  • Lab Fest, our fundraiser for Lab Rescue, is July 15-16.  
  • DockDogs "Pond Fest" is Aug. 26-27. Puppypalooza and Pond Fest are actual jumping competitions.  

Think your dog could be a contender?  ​Check for more competition information or visit their Facebook page. Maggie Malick Wine Caves is a proud sponsor of DockDogs, but we are not affiliated. DockDogs is happy to can answer all your dog competition questions. 

NOTE: Animal owners and their dogs are welcome on the vineyard grounds at Maggie Malick Wine Cave. During DockDogs competitions, all dogs must be leashed at all times and are the sole responsibility of its owners.